The MDCB License – a new entry level to make money and learn about the franchise

The My Dot Com Business LICENSE

In July 2016 Paul Lynch announced the MDCB license. Franchise members also now get a license site where they can give those who show an interest in the opportunity or simply the products access to everything at a low entry level cost rather than the full blown franchise fee.

The license fee is less than $50 and buyers get access to all of the products inside the members area and also get to earn 70% commission on all product sales they make. In actual fact they get all the products (currently six and more being added) for free, the small cost is for the license to sell the products.The license offer is an easy three step system to making big commissions.

Those individuals who would like to ‘get a foot in the door’ so to speak and see exactly how it all works inside the members area at the same time as earning while learning are recommended to get the license. As a licensee you still get a one on one live training session with your personal 6 figure business coach, you still get all the traffic methods and training as you do with the franchise, you can use and evaluate ALL of the products and also see how easy it is to earn commissions when other purchase the products from you.

The beauty of the MTCB license is the low entry cost coupled with a easy 3 step system to earn big commissions.

  1.  STEP 1 Get all of the products to keep
  2.  STEP 2 Activate and set up your sales funnels to make commissions
  3.  STEP 3 Traffic training and implementation get your free business strategy session.

As you click on each step of the system you are guided through exactly what you need to do step by step.

Once you understand the fundamentals of the ready built sales funnels and the unique opportunity as a licensee you may want to move onwards and upwards to buy the complete franchise and actually own your own members site where you keep 100% of product sales, upgrades and back end offers which are all plugged in and ready to work for you. But even at the license level fantastic commissions are yours for the taking, all you have to do is follow the steps given.

See what others are saying about the easy 3 step system below:

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