Paul Lynch Franchise Review – My Dot Com Business FULL Unbiased Review

The Full Paul Lynch Franchise Review – No Stone Left Un-Turned

I am going to be giving here my complete in depth full Paul Lynch Franchise review which is also referred to as the ‘My Dot Com Business Franchise’. My aim is to make this the most comprehensive unbiased review and give you ALL of the information you need to know to be able to decide if this franchise is suitable for you. Firstly I am going to go over what you need before you get started along with how you get started, the process involved, and then exactly what you get and later the pro’s and cons and also an over my shoulder video peek inside my franchise members site and admin.

Fist of all lets go over what exactly is the Paul Lynch Franchise.

I have already given a brief background history of Paul Lynch and what he has achieved online in a previous post, so I will dive straight into the business side of things here. When you purchase into the Paul Lynch Franchise you are purchasing a proven business model which consists of the following:

(I will go over each of these in more detail in a moment)

  1.  A members website with several levels for your members. where all of your products can be downloaded and where you as admin can create tracking links, set prices and make your own settings.
  2. Access to ALL of the high converting, unique and quality products (10 or more at the time of writing, with more being added regularly), with full resale rights.
  3. Sales funnels with opt-in forms, video sales pages, back end offers.
  4. Email swipes for each of the products written by professional copywriters.
  5. Professional designed banner ads for the products.
  6. Training including regular webinars, training inside your members area and access to the private facebook group fro franchise owners only. Plus you get email support from Paul, Phil Carrick and Martin Seedall.

What you need to get started with your franchise

All you will need is a domain name suitable for your members site a logo and and email auto-responder account. You can either register a brand new domain name or you can find a good domain name that has been expired at

For the auto-responder, Aweber is recommended as the team can provide tips and support and ready made instruction for how to import the email swipe campaigns.

Getting Set Up With Your Franchise Site

Once you have made your first payment on your franchise (payment plans are available) you will be required to send your chosen domain name to support and edit your domain DNS settings, then Paul’s team will start to build the site for you. In the mean time you can get a logo designed for your site (recommended logo designers are given if you choose to use them). Once your logo is ready you can send it to the team and they will use it within your website. It will take about a week to get your site working and tested.

How You Make Money With Your Paul Lynch Franchise

Inside your new membership website you will have access to all of Paul’s products to use for your self, and also to sell for 100% commission. Now while a few of the products are priced fixed at just $1 (these product price points are designed to make it easy for you to bring new customers into your members area) there are also higher priced product to which you can choose how much you want to sell for, set the price at what you want and keep 100% of any sales you make. You could also use the opt-in forms/squeeze pages to bring people into your sales funnels and then let the email follow-ups do the selling for you. There is also training inside the members are and via the recorded webinars where Phil Carrick shows how to use some of the products to generate income by offering services to offline businesses. As well as the main products there is also MOBE currently plugged into the back-end (soon to be other high ticket sales opportunities as a choice) so that you can make higher ticket sales from the members you bring into the site.

When someone purchases a product from you, they get a login and password for your members site so that they can log in and get access to the product they just purchased. When they log in, they will also see other great products which they may later choose to buy. In addition when they purchase any of the products they get the opportunity to sell that product and earn 40% commission for them self. That means they earn 40% and the rest is passed to you in franchise commissions as the site owner….

members levelsNow they also then given the opportunity of upgrading their membership in order to earn 60% or 70% of product sales they make, and this is where it gets interesting. In order to upgrade to silver level and earn 60% they are required to Join MOBE at the base level (or any other opportunity you choose to have plugged in the back end). To upgrade to gold level and earn 70% they pay you an upgrade fee of $697 (or whatever you choose to make it). If they upgrade to silver level by joining MOBE as your donwnline you get the MOBE commission and then the MOBE sales team follows up with them and they will later be asked if they want to upgrade their MOBE account to increase their earning potential. Once they are in MOBE under you, of course you get commission there on any purchases they make also. (click on the image above to enlarge).

Of course your buyers not only have the option to ‘level up’ to increase their earnings and commissions, but they are also presented within your site the actual Paul Lynch Franchise or My Dot Com Business franchise opportunity, and if they decide to become a franchise owner to receive their own site and 100% commissions then YOU GET a $2500 franchise commission.

The Products

These are the products available for you to sell inside your franchise site and some more information about them. (more products are being added regularly). All products have their own ready built for you sales funnels, squeeze pages, banners and email swipes.

  • Easy Sketch Pro software, this is a truly fantastic bit of software to create animated sketch or doodle style videos and appeals to everyone form internet marketers to teachers, parents, children and anyone. It has sold well over 55,000 copies and is selling today on website for $97. As a franchise owner you can set the price anywhere from $7 – $97 from inside your franchise site. So you could sell it at $49 and still be offering a 50% discount on the regular price and you keep 100% of the sales income which comes directly to you via payapal.
  • Own The Traffic, a training course which shows you how to get up to 300,000 visitors per month to any website for $10. The price of this product is fixed at $1 to provide amazing value and content for you to provide your customers to bring them into your members area.
  • One Penny Per Visitor, another $1 product which shows you how to get UK and USA visitors to any offer for just one penny per visitor. Again another great product you can follow in your own marketing as well as give to your buyers for just $1.
  • Video Views Tsunami, How to get cheap traffic from Facebook, for only 1 penny per view, in competitive niches such as Internet Marketing. In this ‘bite-sized’ course Phil Carrick shows you how he is able to get 4,000 targeted video views from Facebook in the ‘Internet Marketing’ niche for only £45 ($67)! Phil also goes over a complete A to Z from setting up a new Facebook Page to the tips and tricks he uses to create video’s in minutes!
  • Youtube Traffic Tsunami Robot Software, The YouTube Tsunami is a sales funnel bringing people through a sign up process to free video, demonstrating the amazing software which automatically searches out and contacts channel owners and allows you to have your own website links placed on channels and videos,
    After the free video demo the viewer is shown how the system works in detail then presented with option to buy. You set your own price to buy at anywhere from $1 – $29 and keep 100% of sales revenue.
  • My Pay Per Click Tsunami, sell for $1 – $29, video training on a proven powerful method with immediate access to low cost per click advertising.
  • A.M Khans Google Video Ad Training Course, In These exclusive videos made for my dot com business by AM Khan, a top internet marketer show you EXACTLY how to tap into this unlimited traffic source which gets 1 billion views monthly. Set your price anywhere from $1 – $29.

The easy sketch pro product also has the option of monthly images and monthly backgrounds as an upgrade option for customers which as a franchise owner you keep 100% of all payments.

All the products have the full sales funnels that you configure:

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 7.02.17 PM
















Training and Support

DONE FOR YOU GUARANTEED SALES !  When you join your own banner ad is placed in to a traffic co-op rotator where Paul has paid out $60,000 per run for banner ads with warrior forum. You will get your share of these sales at no additional cost and actual ZERO WORK on your part. (I am not suggesting you sit back and do nothing however, remember no action = no results, some action = some results and massive action = massive results.)

warrior forum banner ad

The banner ad shown on the left is on the warrior forum where Paul Lynch has secured a 4 or 6 month continuous banner ad where franchise members links are automatically rotated in.



All franchise owners get access to the private facebook group where users discuss what is working for them right now and share the success and concerns with each other as well as get help from the admins. Regular updates and webinar dates are posted in the group. There are weekly webinars usually hosted by Phil Carrick where he answer Q&A for franchise owners and shares his knowledge on how to get sales and new members.

facebook private franchise members group

The Franchise members group contains specific information and tactics to get high conversions which can not be shared here as they are strictly for group members only, and I have agreed not to share that, but I can tell you the sort of topics and things discussed.

Posts are also made in the group to tell members that they have just made a new franchise commission and to tell members they have just been paid their weekly franchise product sales commissions.

Unlike other affiliate networks and the like who only pay monthly after minimum threshold commission is reached, Paul Lynch and his team make sure Franchise Members are Paid Weekly Every Friday.

The product themselves to which you have access to sell as a franchise owner, also provide you with the training and tools to generate traffic for your product sales or indeed to ANY online business or offer you want to send traffic. But on top of that the regular webinars and training sessions provided are top quality, a true goldmine of information.

The regular new member webinars, which are done FOR YOUR NEW MEMBERS and for which you as a franchise owner are able to send them the links cover a wide range of help topics and crucial guidance,

(again I can’t display many of the actual videos here to non members as they are private but I will give you examples of some of the titles and topics covered in recent past webinars) and then a bit further down this page you will see one complete video to view.

new member webinar


Example – one of the new member webinars was entitled “Easy Way To Sell ESP Via Facebook”  and there are regular webinars held every Monday for new members of YOUR franchise site which teaches your buyers how to sell products so that THEY and YOU make more momey.


The following video which shows is publicly listed in youtube so I it’s OK for me to share that one to show you here.




Paul Lynch’s My Dot Com Business Franchise PROS & CONS


  • Completely ready made website done for you where you have full control (no need for coding or Word Press).
  • Proven and tested sales funnels built for you.
  • GUARANTEED sales (free traffic co-op rotating $60,000 worth of traffic to you and other franchise owners)
  • Training and ongoing support – the training provided inside your members site and also via an external training portal to which you will have access, plus weekly webinars must be the best training and support in the industry.
  • 100% commissions on low and medium cost quality products.
  • High ticket sales commission on back end products and actual franchise site sales
  • Ongoing commissions from members affiliate sales from your site


  • The members area site can be a bit overwhelming at first, so you need to take some time to get familiar with features and options available.
  • High initial cost (although in reality it represents huge value and at only a fraction of the cost of most franchises)

Paul Lynch Franchise Review – CONCLUSION

Everything is provided when you purchase the Paul Lynch Franchise which is MyDotCom Business. You are given a ready made website personalized to you as well as done fro you sales funnels and a bunch of high quality ready made products. The training and support which comes in the form of online training portals as well as weekly webinars and Q&A training ensures that you have all the tools and knowledge you need to succeed. As long as you treat this like a ‘real’ business that it is, and put in the time and effort there is no reason why anyone can not turn this franchise opportunity into a six figure business.

I hope my Paul Lynch Franchise review has been helpful in providing you with the knowledge and information to make an informed decision. If you have any questions I did not answer in this review then feel free to contact me or leave a comment here and I will be glad to answer any additional questions for you.




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