MDCB Review – New My Dot Com Business Levels Revealed

MDCB levels explainedDuring a recent MDCB live event, Paul Lynch ans Shaqir Hussyin revealed the new levels and structure for the My Dot Com Business opportunity which will see members earning commissions of $500 on the entry level license right up to $8000 at the Platinum member level.

But its not just the commissions which will blow you away…. here in this MDCB review I will go over exactly what you get in each level, and you will be amazed.

Ok so to begin…

The New My Dot Com Business License Level

This will be the entry level which allows you to get all of the following:

  • Licence Website Built For you Which Includes ALL Products & Sales Funnels. (some of  the products are listed in the main review here on this site, but NEW products are being added regularly, at the time of writing another new product was recently added called ‘local marketing hack’ and plenty more planned).
  • A Dedicated Phone Coach Who Will Work For YOU To Get Your New Members Upgraded To Licence Level. (as the per the MDCB moto ‘we do all the selling for you’).
  • You Make 100% Commissions On All and Any New Product and Member Sales.
  • You Make $500 Commission On All New Licence Upgrade Sales On This Level (remember we do all the selling for you)

The License level costs just $997 Next in the MDCB levels we have…

My Dot Com Business Franchise

The full review of this product in detail can be found in my main franchise product review here. and to outline below includes all of the following:

  • The Exact Same Profit Rocket Membership Site That Produces Paul $3.2M Per Year On Auto-Pilot
  • ALL Paul’s Products & Sales Funnels Completely Integrated Within Your New Site Done For You
  • A Dedicated Phone Sales Coach Who Works For YOU To Get Your New Members Upgraded To Franchise Level
  •  All The Selling Done For YOU Via Weekly Webinars, Skype Calls And Direct Mail by Paul and His Team
  • 100% Commissions For You On All New Member Sales
  • $2,500 Commissions For You On All New Franchise Upgrade Sales On This Level

The full franchise level cost is $5000

My Dot Com Business Franchise GOLD

The MDCB franchise Gold level includes everything in the ‘License’ level and the ‘Franchise’ levels above plus:

  • A Full Day Masterclass Training One-On-One At The MDCB Offices In The UK With The ENTIRE Team!
  • 10 Done For You Guaranteed Front-End Sales
  • An Email List Of 1,000 Subscribers BUILT FOR YOU…GUARANTEED!
  • One Franchise Sale At Least Done For You Guaranteed $5000 ($2500 commission to you)
  • $4,600 Commissions When New Members Join YOU On This Level (remember the selling is DONE FOR YOU).

The full price for the franchise Gold level entry is $11,497.

And the final level and highest level is the My Dot Com Business Franchise PLATINUM

You get everything in the above levels plus the following listed below… This MDCB review post outlines the different levels but in order to fully see and understand what you are getting at this level or indeed any of the levels please watch the video below which was recorded live at Chelsea Football Club at the 2016 Live Seminar in October.

  • FULL DAY ONE-ON-ONE Personal Masterclass Training at YOUR HOME!
  • 50 Front End Sales Completed For You Guaranteed
  • Email List Of 2000 Subscribers Done For You
  • At Least One Guaranteed Franchise Sale Done For You, Plus You May Get Additional Franchise Sales
  • (MASSIVE) — A Personal Product Creation Masterclass With Paul Where He Will Help You and Build a Product For You and Do a Product Launch Emailing To His 750,000 Subscribers.. PLUS Shaqir’s List Of Over 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS… PLUS, Agree A JV Partnership With You And Integrate Your Product Into the Franchise Members Membership Sites …. AND Launch Your Product On the JV Zoo Platfrorm For You.
  • You Make $8000 Commissions On Memberships At This Level and Again All The Selling Is Done For You.

The price for the Platinum Franchise Level is $19,997.



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