How to make money with the Paul Lynch franchise

Making Money With the MDCB Paul Lynch Franchise

There are numerous ways to make money with your franchise site which include the following:

  • Resell the products inside your franchise website for 100% profit
  • Use the products in your online business to get more leads and buyers (you can use the traffic courses, marketing tools and software in any business you venture into not just the Paul Lynch Franchise itself)
  • When buyers log in to the members area to access the product they just purchased there are several upgrades, opportunities and other products available to them, when if they purchase additional products you make more money without any additional work.
  • Plug in MOBE or any other networking opportunity into the back end and have people sign up as they go though your sales funnel.
  • Refer people to the actual Paul Lynch franchise opportunity it self and get 50% commission if they take out a franchise.

There are plenty of ways to create additional income streams inside the members area of your site and using the products available to you.

Lets take a closer look at just ONE of the awesome products you have access to and several completely different ways you can make money from that product alone.

Making Money Online Using Easy Sketch Pro 3

Easy sketch pro (ESP) is a fantastic product which you have access to in your MTCB franchise. ESP is still one of the leading doodle animation software tools on the market and has been a number 1 seller on JV zoo and is currently selling on the official ESP dot com website for $67 (business version) and $97 (business pro).

Inside your franchise site you get to choose the price you want to sell it for from anywhere between $7 – $97.

Now depending on your focus or goals you adjust to what suits you best. So if you want to go all out and promote the product and sell as many copies as possible and create an income soley from the sale of the software then you could for example set your price to $49…. That would mean you are already offering a huge discount off the official price (which should help selling easier for you) and as you get to keep 100% that would mean with just 5 sales a week you would be close to hitting $1000/month.

Another option would be set the price point a lot lower at say the minimum $7 and focus on just getting large numbers of buyers into your sales funnel and then concentrate on the longer term back end income by getting them to purchase other products, or upgrade or join your chosen networking business you have plugged into the back end. You could almost call it a loss leader, as you are giving something away at a crazy low price on order to get buyers into your funnel and build your list, however you would still be keeping 100% of every $7 sale as you own the product.

The next option is to use the software to create animation videos for local business to help market their products. Doodle animation videos are proven to increase sales and conversions by up to 500% and local businesses love them. So you can either create a doodle video for a particular business niche and then offer it up to all the local businesses in that niche to purchase it it from you so they can use it on their own website and Facebook page etc. (you can easily charge $250 for a good animated sketch video).

Another option instead of selling them the actual video file, is to create a landing page or lead capture page, embed the video on the lading, get it ranking in the search engines and then offer it to local businesses as a ready made lead capture page already ranking in google. (for that you could easily charge around $1000).

One more way to make money with the video is to upload the video you create to youtube and other video sharing sites and just optimize it so that the video alone ranks in google and then offer local companies to have their phone number in the video and in the video description. (for a video ranking on the first page of google you could charge a MONTHLY FEE OF $100 to any local business. As there are always many businesses competing for customers in any area, you just make a list of the businesses in that niche, and then contact them one-by-one and offer your services, if you contact enough of them one or more WILL accept your offer and purchase your video or landing page. This is actually something that Phil Carrick has created a complete video how to guide on inside the franchise members training area.

Use the product to create videos for your own use , to sell your own products, or to get massive engagement on Facebook. If you do not have a Facebook fanpage you should consider creating one. You can create a facebook Fanpage in any interest or niche and later when you have enough likes or fans you can market any product to that group including affiliate offers, CPA offers and more. The video below shows exactly how I create viewer captivating videos for all of my Facebook pages which allows me to get massive reach and attract 1000’s of fans. You can use this exact same technique in your won marketing efforts, If you have not yet got involved in the Paul Lynch Franchise opportunity but you still want to use this software, at the end of the video I will show you how you can get this software from me at the lowest price available online of just $7.

So above I have mentioned 5 ways (there are more) you can make money as a franchise owner plus I covered SIX easy do-able ways that you can make money using just ONE of the fantastic products (ESP)inside the franchise site.

You can also view franchise video testimonials from other franchise owners who are making money by clicking the link here or go to the testimonials page in the top menu.



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