This is Me Dan WhiteHi, my name is Dan White and this is my review site for the Paul Lynch franchise opportunity ‘My Dot Com Business’. I decided to create this review site to give a real insiders view of both the MDCB and the associated franchise that is available. As an online marketer of many years and an actual franchise site owner, I am able to give you a TRUE inside look and honest evaluation of the good and the bad points in my review.

Having sent out some emails to my subscribers informing them of the opportunity I was surprised with one response in particular I had asking me why am I involved with Paul Lynch and telling me that this is a scam. When I replied to the email asking them why they are of that opinion and asking if they have actually looked into the franchise opportunity or MDCB opportunity they said “no, but if you search for Paul Lynch on Google it says he is a scammer”.

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So although I have already had much success and sales with my own franchise site (http://globalinternetsuccess.com/members) I still wanted to know this persons reasoning, and why he would cry ‘scam’ at the mere mention of this genuine business franchise plan. So I did the google search as he suggested. Now among the many positive reviews and comments there, I did also stumble across a few reviews claiming Paul was a scammer, for several reasons. Now some of those reviews were written by someone who had NEVER even tried or tested the opportunity he was reviewing! He claimed that the MDCB model was a scam because Paul Lynch did not actually create the ‘MOBE’ product and was passing it off as his own…. well that one kind of made me chuckle a little bit because I could instantly see that this guy didn’t have a clue what Paul Lynch was offering to MDCB members and also with the MDCB Franchise.

Now before you get too confused let me explain those letters and abbreviations:

MDCB = My Dot Com Business (Paul’s Membership Site – a duplicate is available as part of the Franchise)

MOBE = My Online Business Education (third party opportunity where the products revolve around as it suggests online business education – not Paul’s creation but he is a diamond level member)

You see Paul has never claimed to be the creator of MOBE (Matt Lloyd is the creator of MOBE). Paul has created his own products which he does own and did create or co-create such as Easy Sketch Pro Software which has been a number one best seller on JV Zoo, sold over 60,000 copies and still remains the leading doodle animation software out there to date. That is just one of his fantastic products… and what Paul Does with the Franchise is allows you to sell these products for 100% profit but also allows you to plug into the back end of your funnel the MOBE opportunity or any other high ticket opportunity you are involved in. So anyway I was a stunned to see the negative reviews clearly from a few individuals who have never actually understood the concept and become a members and also a few who may have been members at some point but clearly didn’t follow the instructions and training which is given. As you will see from my blog pages here, apart from the few faceless reviewers who hide behind their review sites giving reviews on products they have never even owned or tested (while all the time their objective is to push you into buying some other affiliate offer from there site) there are also a real and large crowd of a growing number people who are able to make thousands of dollars using Paul’s system and are so confident in the franchise offer that they are willing to go online, post videos on Youtube and sincere testimonials to thank Paul for the opportunity he has provided them and to let other know how well it is working for them. These are ordinary real people, the only difference is these are the people prepared to make a change and work for there dreams.


My reviews and other posts on this blog will give you enough information to make up your own mind. Please read the entire review here. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. I believe in transparency and full disclosure and will answer honestly any question no holds bared.  So with that said and as I have already told I am a full time internet marketer, so I am also going to offer you the opportunity to join in my success and create your own online business with your own franchise. So please be aware that if you take me up on any offer on this blog website I will receive commission or payment on that (as I said I believe in full disclosure and honesty). If you have any questions you can contact me via my contact page at my personal page www.whoisdanwhite.com. And if you want to learn more about the franchise or apply you can click the button below to watch Paul explain himself how it works. Individual earnings are based on the time and effort put into the business. This is a genuine Business and has to be treated as such and I am only interested in helping and working with those who understand that as with ANY real business, the results you get are directly proportional to the amount of time and/or effort you put in.

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